i need an adult.  i realize that i am technically an adult, but i really need an adultier adult 

Money doesn’t just buy you a better life, better food, better cars, better pussyit also makes you a better person.


Leonardo DiCaprio about Johnny Depp


Oh god


Oh god

I had a dream that my grandparents brought me and Ray Liotta out to dinner and on the car ride back we made out??? WTF

zodiac signs w/ quentin tarantino characters


aries  -  hans landa

taurus - marcellus wallace

gemini - jackie brown 

cancer - butch

leo -  fredrick zoller

virgo - mr.pink

libra - o-ren ishii 

scorpio - mr. blonde

sagittarius - django

capricorn - the bride

aquarius - mia wallace

pisces - jungle julia

You’re a rat in a fucking maze.

goodfellas had to sit with me for a little while but now im like damn. fuck that was a good movie.

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It’s funny, you know. It’s a good story, it’s funny, you’re a funny guy? Ya know, you’re funny - Goodfellas (1990) Martin Scorsese

LUI: Leo Under the Influence

Titanic (film) trivia: For budget reasons, it was decided only the starboard side of the ship was to be constructed for the film. The Southampton scene was initially filmed from that side but the image was flipped during post-production in order to preserve its historical accuracy where the passengers boarded the ship on the port side. This required the painstaking construction of reversed costumes and signage to complete the illusion.

Are you my deadhead to Miami?